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TS100 Portable Soldering Station

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Unfortunately i haven't had a lot of time for home projects recently with work and other commitments but with the current situation i had more free time and finally had to time to work on projects which i enjoy ! I have found myself sometimes using my TS100 soldering away from the bench and one day i was watching where Adam Savage from Tested made a portable Ts100 Soldering Iron powered by a Dewalt power tool battery. This was a great project but i wanted something more compact without all the storage. [...]

(project / Guide) RFID login

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I wanted a simple way of quickly logging on to my computer without having to typing my password in and did not want to have no security either. There are various products on the market that would solve this problem from fingerprint readers to proximity dongles but i decided to see what i could knock up with parts i mainly already had. Looking in my micro stuff i had a RC522 RFID tag reader 3.3v : Also an 3.3v arduino Leonardo clone aswell based on a sparkfun pro micro which also can act as a USB device such as a keyboard. This is useful as if a 5v arduino was used a level shifter would be required due to the RC522 not being 5v torrent. [...]