Quick Soldering Third Hand Project

Day to day life has got in the way of my projects recently but ive finally found time for a very quick and cheap Board Soldering aid with mainly things i had laying around.  This is really quick and easy to build and i have personally found this very useful when soldering.


Like quite a few similar projects on the net i used flexible CNC Coolant Hoses that work very well and can be purchased very cheaply.




  1. Cut the base material to a suitable size , small enough that it wont get the way and large enough it wont tip over when using it.
  2. Drill two holes slightly larger than the hose threaded end piece in the base material and glue in place.  Tip: remove the threaded end pieces first as makes the process alot easier.
  3. Remove the both Nozzles pieces from the end of the hoses and enlarge the hole using a drill , so the Croc clips fit snugly in the end. Use a bit of CA glue to permanently hold them.
  4. Reassemble ends on to the flexible hoses to Complete the build.


More Micro projects coming soon…




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