Raspberry Pi Talks to Sony Ericsson liveview (wip)

The liveview is a bluetooth enabled watch device for use with android by Sony Ericsson . Launched a few years back it didn’t seem to really take off,  even though recently we are now seeing the introduction of other manufacturers making smart watches. I bought one of these a few years ago on ebay and found it didn’t work great with my phone and has been sitting in the drawer until i thought can i use it for something else?

After search the Internet i came across this post and python code by Andrew de Quincey  on his post here .  Credit goes to him for posting his work!

I thought i would see if it work on my Raspberry Pi and it does very well in fact ! . Andrew de Quincey example worked well with only a few minor tweaks . His example comes with functions such as menu , text ,vibrate and images.

Getting Bluetooth working on the raspberry pi was pretty easy loads of guides out there.

Now what to make with it ???

When i have a project in mind i will post it along with the steps to get it working.

Any ideas what to use it for please leave it in the comments.


Maarten Callebert

Well, you could show the album art when playing music on your raspberry ! eventually add the title, artist and play/pause next prev controls.

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