RFID Login software Update !

Following on my previous (project / Guide) RFID login) , i have been working few improvements to the arduino software example.  The biggest change is now having a serial terminal based menu interface. Also a few security concerns have been addressed, this includes limiting the number of wrong tries. As with the previous version not for sercuity applications, for hobby use only.



  1. Wrong RFID Card tries are limited to 3 without a reset option
  2. All configuration can be done via a serial terminal therefore no need to use Arduino IDE .
  3. All options are selected from a simple menu which requires a password to use.
  4. Password and two card IDs can be store.

EEPROM Stored Data

Number of failed tries , password and the two card Uids are all stored in the eeprom.  Although  there is no encryption currently,  each character of data is stored in a random location set by the user controlled Eeprom address array.  Providing this array of addresses is set in a random sequence it should make it difficult to work out the users password if the whole eeprom was dumped.


How to use

For wiring please see previous (project / Guide) RFID login).

The only Arduino library required is the Arduino library for MFRC522 .

1) Change the optional user setting: menu password and address array .

When compiled and copied to the arduino…

2) Set a serial term to 9600 and arduinos serial port.  (Arduino built in Term works ok)

3) Typing in Menu_password (Default = admin)  followed by a CRLF will show the menu

4) simply type a menu option followed by a CRLF and then follow instructions











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