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Transforming old speakers

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A while back i was given a pair of Mission book shelf speakers which had been painted in the past but best of all for free! .  The Speakers, tweeters and grills were in good nick and sounded good but just didn't look very nice.  I always wanted a set of oak speaker cabinets to match my lounge furniture and decided to investigate if i could re-cover the speakers in oak veneer to achieve the look i wanted. [...]

Raspberry Pi Talks to Sony Ericsson liveview (wip)

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The liveview is a bluetooth enabled watch device for use with android by Sony Ericsson . Launched a few years back it didn't seem to really take off,  even though recently we are now seeing the introduction of other manufacturers making smart watches. I bought one of these a few years ago on ebay and found it didn't work great with my phone and has been sitting in the drawer until i thought can i use it for something else? [...]

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